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Our Story

COVID Testing Station was founded by Charissa E. Barnes, a San Antonio area entrepreneur and business leader for over 35 years. While watching the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Charissa became frustrated at the lack of testing availability.  She felt that if citizens wanted to get tested, you should be able to get tested. 


Already the owner of two local, highly-regulated businesses, she saw an opportunity to make testing more available and convenient. By increasing availability and convenience, Charissa realized she could help more people in her local community get tested to slow the spread COVID-19.  Thus, the idea for COVID Testing Station was born. 

With a proven track record of successfully running streamlined, drive-thru businesses, Charissa turned to partners in the technology, legal, and healthcare industries to convert one of her Official Inspection Stations, located at 1712 Austin Highway, to a Drive-Thru COVID Testing Station. 


By combining her expertise, experience, and network, Charissa set out to create an experience where people could get peace of mind during the pandemic.  At COVID Testing Station, individuals and groups are able to get Antibody and Diagnostic COVID-19 tests that are FDA compliant without a doctor's referral or symptoms.  All test results come from a CLIA certified laboratory and are sent within 1 - 2 business days of testing.  For added convenience, Charissa made Drive-Thru and Group options available.  

Now, when you want a test, you can get a test

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